Briefing – Operation Banshee


Briefing – Operation Banshee

May 21st 2017 12:00 ZULU


A civilian contractor name Douglas McShane Has been kidnapped. We are tasked to located the hostage and use lethal force to recover him. The compound in which He is being held is heavily fortified. This will be a single objective operation and will take time and care. This operation takes place at night and will involve a stealth element.


Please be advised the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Any forces that are armed must be disarmed by force.
  • Civilian causalities must be avoided at all costs.

Map of Area of operations


Objective 1

We must move in a locate the hostage in the village of Doran. We believe he is being held in a large stone building but his location is unknown. This is a stealth mission an the insertion will be made via helicopter at the location. We have provided aerial reconnaissance photos of the location with relevant information.

 Map of LZ and Doran

Aerial Recon photo with numbered Compounds

Compound location number four – pictured armored vehicles. Possible operational T34M

This AT Gun is located between compounds 5 & 6

Gun emplacements next to compound 5

Compound 1 – Pictured Anti air defenses and heavily guarded building.

Hostage proof of life photograph


Only Vehicles. We may commandeer civilian and enemy vehicles.

limited over-watch.


Briefing time

19:00 GMT

Operation time

19:30 GMT

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