Briefing – Operation Chief


Briefing – Operation Chief

June 11th 2017 12:00 ZULU


The Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan is touring the area of operation. We have been tasked by ISAF forces to escort and protect the President during his visit. We will be dressed as covert operatives in civilian clothes. This is a close protection missions which requires vehicle and VIP management.


Please be advised the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Any forces that are armed must be disarmed by force.
  • Civilian causalities must be avoided at all costs.

Map of Area of operations


Objective 1

We must escort the president to a local Government building to meet with local political leaders. We have intel that insurgents operate in this area. We must be mindful of IEDS and suicide bombers.

Map of Airport and government building

Objective 2

We will then take the President to tour the Kinduf Factory buildings. This is a long convoy objective and we must go through check points and be careful at all times.

Factory site

Objective 3

We will then begin out journey to the extraction point. This will be a long drive north and we may encounter enemy forces along the way.

Map of PM extraction at KalaeNoowi Airport




Armoured SUV’s

Covert operative clothes

limited over-watch.


Briefing time

19:00 GMT

Operation time

19:30 GMT

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