Briefing – Operation Eagle Down


Briefing – Operation Eagle Down

May 7th 2008 12:00 ZULU


United States Senator Smith as a part of his duties as the chair of the national security council has sought to remove funding from Delta. We therefore have no choice but to go rogue. We must find Senator Smith and the files he has obtained on Delta operations.  We must do anything necessary to secure our on going mission. We will be fighting our own side but it is for the greater good. The senator is currently on vacation on the Island of Saint Catalina. This is a off the books black operation and all units must pack gear in mind.


Please be advised the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Any forces that are armed must be disarmed by force.
  • Any Witnesses must be executed.


Overall map of area of operations

Objective 1

Map of Object 1

Last known picture of Senator Smith

We must find and kill Senator Smith. We have Intel to suggest he is staying with his mistress at the Belle Follie Hotel on Saint Cataline. He is protected by Secret service guards and armed SUVs. If we fail to assassinate the target he will flee to the airport and try to escape.

Objective 2

Map of Objective 2

The senator has store sensitive documents which he hopes to use as evidence to remove Delta’s funding. They include picture of our operations and a full roster. They are being held under guard and in the vault at the Bank of freedom in Avalon. We must covertly enter the bank and remove the documents leaving no witnesses.

Objective 3

Map of Objective 3

We are unable to ask for an extraction. we must steal a plane and leave the area. The airfield has further Security forces patrolling it.


Only Vehicles. We may commandeer civilian and enemy vehicles.

No overwatch.


Briefing time

19:30 GMT

Operation time

20:00 GMT

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