Briefing – Operation Red Dawn


Briefing – Operation Red Dawn

April 23rd 2008 06:00 ZULU


The Takistan national Army reports that the Zargabad state Governor has been kidnapped and is being held in an unknown location. ISAF have elected Delta to carry out this operation. Local friendly forces are operating in the AO. Our main objectives are to recover the governor, clear the roads and find out what happened at FOB TANGO GOLF.

Please be advised the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Any forces that are armed must be disarmed by force
  • Takistan Army are conducting separate raids and Delta must not interfere

Overall map of area of operations


Objective 1

Map of Object 1

We must clear and secure the town of Shahbaz without causing too much destruction to property and at all costs we must avoid civilian casualties.


Objective 2

Map of Objective 2

Yarum has been taken over by a local militia who have blocked the road. We must clear this road block and restore traffic to the area.



Objective 3


Map of objective 3 and VIP EVAC point

In the City of Zargabad the Governor is being held we have intel that shows he is being held in a religious building in the city. We must secure the VIP and bring him to the EVAC point.


Last Known picture of the Governor (maybe out of date):


2x  M2 HMMV’s

No overwatch


Briefing time

21:00 GMT

Operation time

21:15 GMT

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