Briefing – Operation Tide


Briefing – Operation Tide

May 14th 2017 12:00 ZULU


We are conducting anti insurgency operations in Northern Afghanistan. Our FOB is currently under daily attack from local insurgent forces. The insurgent forces in the area are highly equipped and trained. We believe they have equipment gained from Afghan National Army Defectors. Expect heavy resistance.


Please be advised the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Any forces that are armed must be disarmed by force.
  • Civilian causalities must be avoided at all costs.

Overall map of area of operations

Objective 1

Map of Objective 1

FOB MIKE is currently under attack. We must hold off the hostile forces and secure our FOB. We are under heavy fire from forces that surround us from all sides.

Objective 2

Map of Objective 2

We must locate and ambush an insurgent supply convoy. We have over watch support via a littebird for this objective. The convoy will be made up of ammunition transports and HMMV’s.

Objective 3

Map of Objective 3

We have Intel that an insurgent base is at Mayankel. The insurgents are planning on receiving a convoy of supplies. We must move to this base and destroy it. We will have Apache close air support for this objective. We expect this base to be heavily fortified and to have technical and Armour support.


Only Vehicles. We may commandeer civilian and enemy vehicles.

limited over-watch.


Briefing time

19:00 GMT

Operation time

19:30 GMT

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