Briefing – Operation Triple Cross


Briefing – Operation Triple Cross

April 30th 2008 06:00 ZULU


The situation in Takistan has become increasingly worse with militia taking over the northern part of the country. NATO has authorized a full scale invasion. Delta is tasked act as recon via a airborne insertions before the main force enters. This situation is extremely hostile. There are technical’s in the area and motorized militia.

Please be advised the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Any forces that are armed must be disarmed by force
  • Takistan Army are conducting separate raids and Delta must not interfere

Overall map of area of operations

Objective 1

Map of Object 1

We must insert into the Drop Zone via a paradrop and rendezvous out side of Gospandi for a assault on the town. We will be dropped regular gear upon completion.

Objective 2

Map of Objective 2

We must move to lower Rasman to the site of the former Takistan Goverment. To secure vital intel.

Objective 3

Map of Objective 3

We must move to the former site of the Takistan Army forward operation base and special armed police. We must secure the area and site up a FOB.

Objective 4

Map of Objective 4

We must secure the airfield for incoming NATO forces to land.


Only Vehicles. We may commandeer civilian and enemy vehicles.

No overwatch.


Briefing time

19:30 GMT

Operation time

20:00 GMT

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