Recap of Delta operations 2013 onwards


Recap of Delta operations 2013 onwards


This is a very brief history of Delta and its early operations. If I missed anything out or if you have any other pictures/videos you would like to be added please make a post on the forum. This will eventually become a part of the history tab in our handbook


Operation wolf- Our first operation

Our First operation took place in 2014 on the island of Altis. Delta was sent in covertly to fight and dispel a group of CSAT forces on the island. We learnt a lot about operations and how to conduct them and our membership grew during this period.

Day 1 consisted of the elimination of an enemy officer and the extraction of the Delta strike team via Helicopter.


Day 2 Delta were sent in via little birds to eliminate A CSAT docks and destroy a CSAT airfield. This was a success.

Map of operation

Day 3 Delta was tasked in the destruction of a radar tower and a power station. (pictures shown below)

Mr Gav as taken by Shiny things

Day 4 Delta had to insert into Pyrgos and destroy the enemy base and extract a downed pilot

Operations map

Regroup of Bravo survivors after

Day 5 Delta had to hold off waves on CSAT reinforcements into Pyrgos only using what they had left from day 4

Day 6 Delta was tasked to capture the airport(as seen in the pictures below)

Day 6 operations map

A member of Sierra driving a HMMV to the Airport with Viper and Bravo in a convoy


Bravo assaulting into a building at the airport

Bravo regrouping after the assault into the airport


Operation Chimera

This Operation took place on the Danish island of Bonholm. Delta was tasked to have some R&R after our previous operations but Russian VDV had other plans and invaded the island and delta had to take the fight with the Danish army to the Russian invaders. In this operation we had limited supplies and materials.

Day 1

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