Formal operations take place every Sunday at 7PM GMT (2PM EST). All Delta members must join at least 30 minutes before operations are set to begin.

Team vs team games take place every Wednesday at 9PM GMT (4PM EST).



Deployable operations group train on Thursdays at 9PM GMT (4PM EST) at  Saturdays at 4:30pm GMT (11:30AM EST)

Special Operations trains on Thursday at 9PM GMT (4PM EST)

Air Unit trains on Saturday at 8PM GMT (3PM EST)

Basic training takes place every Saturday at 7PM GMT (2PM EST) and every Wednesday 7PM GMT (2PM EST)

JSOC train together on Saturday at 11PM GMT (6PM EST)

Training rules

Please note that if training’s overrun, the unit beginning their training are able to ask the overruning unit to leave a section of the training server. It is not OK, however, to tell them to leave the training server. Stratis is a large enough map.

Be flexible.

Meeting times

Staff meetings take place every Monday at 8PM GMT (3PM EST)

Community meetings take place every Thursdays at 8PM GMT (3PM EST)

Community Representative meetings take place on the last Wednesday of each Month at 8pm GMT